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The Alpha Leasing Hummer Page
Nationally Recognized  as The Business Use Vehicle Leasing Expert

As an independent leasing company,  Alpha Leasing can get you any make or model of Hummer, new or used.  Listed below are sample lease payments on 9 Hummer's.  Click on any vehicle to bring up a customizable lease vs buy comparison.  Please give us a call at 1-800-800-LEAS (5327) and our leasing experts will be glad to help you.


The  Comprehensive Alpha Vehicle Program

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1. Evaluate your current vehicle
  a. Calculate equity position
  b. Look at tax implications for business use vehicles
  c. Market the vehicle
2. Choose your new/used vehicle
  a. Choose it yourself
  b. Let Alpha find your vehicle
3. Compare financing options
  a. Leasing
  b. Conventional financing
  c. Manufacturer's leasing options
  d. Manufacturer's balloon note financing
  e. Combine rebates with 0% financing
4. Perform Comprehensive lease vs buy analysis
  a. Financial Analysis
  b. Tax analysis for business use vehicles
5. Put in all together to properly acquire the right vehicle for you at the right price

Used Hummer Specials

  Vehicle Info Purchase Price Odometer  Payment

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