Calculate Gain or Loss on Sale of Vehicle
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Calculate the Gain or Loss on Sale of a Vehicle
Should You Trade in or Sell Your Current Vehicle?

This function will help you determine whether you should sell or trade-in your business use vehicle upon disposition.  This is a simple calculator that permits you to enter basic summary information about the vehicle that you are getting ready to dispose of.   The calculator will estimate the depreciation taken for the vehicle to estimate the current tax value of the vehicle. 

If the current tax value is greater than the estimated disposal value, then you sell the vehicle and take a capital gain.  If the current tax value is less than the estimated disposal value, then you should trade in the vehicle and defer your taxable.

This calculator is designed to easily give you a rough estimate of the tax value of your vehicle in most situations.  Please consult you CPA or other financial expert to get exact numbers or if your situation is more complicated.

Purchase price with sales tax (or basis if different): Average Miles Driven Per Year:
Purchase Date (mm/yyyy): / Tax Classification:
Current Vehicle Type: Average Percent
Business Use:
Was Vehicle New or used When Purchased?

Disposal Date

Did you take Section 179 Expense?

Sale/TradeIn Value:

New Vehicle Type:   


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